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Moore Ukulele #131 is a Tenor with an old growth 'Sinker Cypress' top and local (SC) Magnolia for the sides, back and neck. These massive Cypress trees, cut in the late 1800's, were cut and floated down rivers to sawmills, occasionally a tree would be so dense it would sink. These old growth Sinker Cypress trees are found and salvaged by my friend Alec Blalock, one of the few people licensed in SC to retrieve this rare, beautiful wood. Uke 131 has low G tuning, Aquila Lava series strings (will change to High G if you prefer). The fretboard and bridge are made from Hawaiian Curly Koa. It has an oil finish and the shell triangle inlay and side marker dots are Abalone shell found at Myrtle Beach SC. This is one of the most mellow sounding ukuleles I have made. Comes with a cool carry bag and shipping is free* in the US.



* For shipping outside the US, please add $75.00

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