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Concert Uke #135
Cat Bowl Resonator
Tenor #132
#131 Tenor
Moore Ukulele #131 is a Tenor with an old growth 'Sinker Cypress' top and local (SC) Magnolia for the sides, back and neck. These Cypress trees, cut in the late 1800's, were massive and would be cut and floated down river to sawmills occasionally a tree would be so dense it would sink. These old growth Sinker Cypress trees are found and salvaged by my friend Alec Blalock, one of the few people licensed in SC to retrieve this rare, beautiful wood. Your choice of High or Low G strings.
#133 Soprano
#127 Super Concert
#102 Cherry Burl Super Concert
#91 Super Concert
#129 Super Concert
Made from Curly Hawaiian Koa.
#129 has a clean, simple design, nothing fancy, except for the exceptionally striking grain patterns in the wood. The fretboard has a Abalone triangle inlay. A Concert size body with a comfortable Tenor size neck (AKA Super Concert) give this ukulele a small size that doesn't compromise the sound. Comes with a cool carry bag. Free shipping in the USA
ON SALE !  $650.00
This is a Long Neck Concert Ukulele (Super Concert) with Low G tuning. Deodar Cedar on the top and Ambrosia Maple on the sides, back and neck. Rosewood Fretboard and Rosewood bridge. This was an experiment, putting the strings through the end of the ukulele. I think it gives a little more resonance and sustain. A great sounding uke for a great price. Comes with cool carry bag.
#126 Pineapple Super Concert
Moore Ukulele #126 has a Tenor neck, a 'Pineapple' style body and hand carved angel in the headstock. The top is made of Deodar Cedar and the sides, back and neck are Ambrosia Maple with an oil finish. The fretboard is roasted Curly Maple.Comes with a cool carry bag and shipping is free in the USA.
#118 Soprano
#115 Super Soprano
#130 Super Concert
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