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Moore Ukulele #134 is a Cat Bowl Resonator. This raspy little soprano uses a  cat's bowl as the resonator cone. A one of a kind creation. The body and neck are made of Spalted Buckeye. The fretboard and hand carved cat head headstock inlay are Cherry. The fish skeleton inlay is Mother of Pearl and and the fretboard triangle is Abalone. Side marker dots are Black Poplar. The top rim is Sinker Cypress (old growth cut in the late 1800s recovered from a SC river by my friend Alec Blalock ). The string tie bar is bone (cow) and the bowl is stainless steel. The headstock and bridge biscuit are Cherry overlaid with Buckeye Burl. Comes with a cool carry bag and shipping* is free in the US.


*for shipping outside the US please add $75.00

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