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Ukulele #102 is a Super Concert with a Cherry Burl top. The sides, back and neck are African Mahogany. The Fret Board, bridge, binding, and hand carved headstock Tiki are made from Paduck. The triangle fretboard inlay is Abalone shell from the Mediterranean Sea. This ukulele is a little heavy compared to my other ukuleles due to the density of the wood, as a result, it has a really bright tone. I've played this ukulele for over a year at the time of this posting, I'm reducing the price from $1200.00 to 900.00 due to slight cosmetic issues ( nothing extreme just minor scratches, strum marks,tiny dents etc ).

Comes with a cool carry bag and shipping is free* in the US. 


*for shipping outside the US add $75.00

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